John Dugdale | 03.01.24

Understanding Open Skips: Sizes, Capacities, and Dimensions

When it comes to waste management, skips play a pivotal role in handling various materials efficiently. From construction sites to home renovations, these containers come in different sizes, each tailored to accommodate specific volumes and weights of waste. Understanding their capacities can streamline your waste disposal process, ensuring you choose the right skip for your needs.

Let’s delve into the world of open skips, exploring their sizes, dimensions, and the volumes of different materials they can hold.  This is just a guide on a selection of Open Skips that Samson Containers manufacture:

2 Yard Skips:

  • Dimensions: 1950mm (Length) x 1280mm (Width) x 850mm (Height)
  • Capacity: Approximately 1.5 cubic metres
  • Materials: Suitable for light waste like soil, rubble, or household items.

4 Yard Skips:

  • Dimensions: 2544mm (Length) x 1494mm (Width) x 1000mm (Height)
  • Capacity: Roughly 3 cubic metres
  • Materials: Ideal for small renovation projects, garden waste, or medium-sized debris.

6 Yard Skips:

  • Dimensions: 3155mm (Length) x 1748mm (Width) x 1099mm (Height)
  • Capacity: Around 4.5 cubic metres
  • Materials: Suited for larger renovation projects, bulky waste, or construction materials.

8 Yard Skips:

  • Dimensions: 3528mm (Length) x 1670mm (Width) x 1250mm (Height)
  • Capacity: Approximately 6 cubic metres
  • Materials: Suitable for construction waste, larger quantities of debris, or commercial use.

12 Yard Skips:

  • Dimensions: 4000mm (Length) x 1700mm (Width) x 1700mm (Height)
  • Capacity: Roughly 9 cubic metres
  • Materials: Ideal for larger construction projects, furniture disposal, or extensive clearances.

16 Yard Skips:

  • Dimensions: 4299mm (Length) x 1662mm (Width) x 2050mm (Height)
  • Capacity: Around 12 cubic metres
  • Materials: Capable of handling substantial volumes, suitable for construction waste, large-scale renovations, or commercial purposes.

Understanding the capacity of skips for different materials is crucial:

  • General Waste: Skip capacities can vary based on the type of waste. A rough estimate suggests a standard 8-yard skip can hold around 60-80 filled bin bags of general household waste.
  • Soil and Hardcore Materials: For heavier materials like soil or concrete, a 6-yard skip can typically accommodate around 8-10 tons, while an 8-yard skip can hold approximately 10-12 tons.
  • Liquid Waste: Skips aren’t designed for liquid disposal due to safety and transportation reasons. It’s crucial to properly handle and dispose of liquid waste through specialised means.

Understanding the sizes and capacities of skips allows for efficient waste management, ensuring that the chosen skip can handle the intended materials without exceeding weight limits. Always verify with your Samson Containers representative regarding specific weight restrictions and guidelines for safe and proper usage.