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Standard RORO

Our Standard range of RoRos come with a specification that will suit most waste streams.

4mm base, 3mm Sides, 4mm HB and Reinforced Door. What sets Samson RoRos apart and makes them stronger than any other UK manufacturer is all ours are made with 9 Uprights NOT 7 as standard.

The HL20 subframe ensure compatibility with all hook loader vehicles and meets CHEM Standard. They are made with a Ratchet with secondary lock. Have 1500 x 500 nameboards and reinforced doors.

All ROROs have fully welded seams and channel.

Size (YD) Length Width Height
15 2200 904
20 2200 1204
25 2200 1500
30 2200 1800
35 2200 2100
40 2200 2400
45 2200 2700
50 2200 2925
55 2200 2940
60 2200 2940

CHEM Standard

20+ Years Experience

British Steel

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