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Front End Loaders (FEL)

All of our Front End Loader range are made using 4mm base and 3mm sides and roof. Our 10yd is a box type with a 2 plastic lids on the top and 2 plastic sliding doors on the side.

Our 8yd and 6yd are Wendy house type and are made using the same gauges of steel as the 10yd.

Plastic Lids are normally supplied in black but can be supplied in a range of basic colours at additional cost.

All FELs are made to CHEM standards and as such are compatible with all Standard FEL lifting equipment.

Size (YD) Length Width Height
6 1800 1816 1805
8 2160 1816 2085
10 2160 1816 2085

CHEM Standard

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British Steel

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